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CaLmInG MeLoDy 123
05-29-2019, 09:50 AM


Imli ki meethi chatni 1/2 cup
Sugar powder 1tea sp
Chat masala powder 1/2tea sp
Crushed & Roasted chili flakes and zeera 1/2 tea sp
Salt A pinch
Fresh Cream 1 cup
Fresh yogurt 1/2 cup
Mayonese 1/4th cup
Boiled safid chana / chickpea 1 cup
Fruit cocktail 1 cup
Apple cubes 1 cup
Banana slices 1 cup
Any other fruit you like half cup
Any dry fruit you like for sprinkle

In a big bowl first add cream, yogurt and mayonese and mix well. Then add imli ki chatni and other spices and mix well. After mixing add all fruits and boiled chick pea and again mix well. Garnish with any fresh fruit cream or dry fruits and serve cold.