Napkin Fan Fold
To add some spark to each place setting, try a fan fold. This fold works best with a stiff napkin that can really hold a crease.

Step 1

Lay a square napkin on a flat surface, then fold the two opposite edges in to meet at the center, making a rectangle.
Starting at the short end, fold the napkin into 1-inch accordion pleats, stopping about 4 inches from the opposite end. Make sure the fold of the last pleat is at the bottom edge and all the pleats are underneath.

Step 2

Fold the napkin in half lengthwise so half of the pleats are now on top.

Step 3

Fold the upper left corner down and tuck it behind the center pleat, forming a triangle. Release and let the pleats fan out.

Step 4

Adjust the folds and back triangle as needed so the fan stands upright.