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Thread: Candle-Lite Table Setting

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    Candle-Lite Table Setting

    Having a romantic dinner at home can be much more special than eating out -- not to mention less expensive. If you want to plan a romantic dinner at home with your date, all you have to do is thoughtfully prepare a menu and set the mood before the dinner date starts. Follow these steps to find out how to have romantic night in with your special someone.

    Candle Light dinner is one of famous name, who don’t know about candle light dinner? How to designing our dining room become a beautiful place for make a candle light dinner and How to Creating The Best Candle Light Dinner Decorating? To decorating or creating best candle light dinner places is not difficult, first of all prepare all equipment which you need, such as candle, flower, a clean dining room, plate and other equipment you need for do designing.And the next step is start do decorating, but you must be carefully when placing the candle, this candles can creating romantic effect but also can creating bad accident if you not carefully. For safety reason, you may use digital candle light that more durable and appealing. At this page i have upload few best picture, which can help, teach and also give you ideas to creating the best candle light dinner at your house.

    Minimalist decoration also can creating a romantic and wonderful dinner place. If we see at this picture, we will see a minimalist design of dining room, with romantic small’s candles and beautiful decorating. But if you see more detail there is some special application, which make this dining room looking perfect and exotic, there are maroon fabric at the glasses, this concept is so simple but creative and can creating amazing performance

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    Romantic Roses Flower Style with Beautiful Combination Colors

    Beautiful Candle Light Dinner at Garden
    One best place to make romantic candle light dinner is our garden. Not need as much complicated decorating, just need a simple design to create this. The scenery around the garden also can make the weather more romantic.Are you the lover of purple color? So lets make a romantic dinner with purple color theme, to make a romantic dinner not must be using gold or maroon colors, purple also can be a magnificent color. White creamy and purple colors is one of best combination color.

    One of best decorating ever. You can practice it any time and without expensive cost. Take few glasses, place any plants from your garden, and just light the candle.

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    Usually u have a Special Places for place your candles, but from this picture i can get a new idea, that candles not must place at candle’s places which usually made from metal or many others material. Just a simple glasses can make great performance for your small candles at your dining room.Such as this picture, at this picture you can see how much beautiful and unique style at this dining room, just with small candles, empty glasses, and some leafs you can make a romantic dinner at your room. This style is not as much difficult to applied at our dining room, so lets make a romantic dinner with this concept.
    Cheap digital candle light in small size. Let’s decorate the room, light the candle and start the romance.

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