Shehrmal is sweet to eat, it is a kind of bread. Which is made of flour, milk and sugar. It is mostly made to eat in Muslim festivals and weddings. This is not a difficult task to make.
500 gms of ghee
1 kg of ghee
3 kg of flour
1 gram saffron salt according to taste
100 gms of sugar
4-5 drops perfume
2 liters of milk
To brush 1 gram extra saffron

Method of preparation Mix well by mixing salt in the flour. Molten pure ghee and ghee, saffron Mix sugar and perfume and mix. Add dough to soft dough Make small puffs from this mixture and make it lace. 200 ml of saffron Bake in hot water. Brush the water before cooking the saffron on each peermle. Bake in the oven, or at the 220 degree centigrade bake 2-3 minutes in the hot oven beforehand. Take out removing light milk and bake it again.