- Raw mangoes 500 gms.
- Fenugreek seeds 3 tbsp.
- Fennel seeds 4 tbsp.
- Red chili powder 2 tbsp.
- Turmeric powder 2 tsp.
- Mustard seeds 3 tbsp.
- Mustard oil 350 mls.
- Salt As per taste

1. Cut raw mangoes into half, remove seed and then cut ľth inch sized pieces.
2. Apply turmeric powder and salt, rub nicely and then keep it for half an hour. Drain out excess moisture.

3. Grind fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds and mustard seeds to a coarse powder.

4. Heat mustard oil until smoking point, remove and let it cool.

5. Mix fenugreek seeds, fennel and mustard powder with red chili powder. Add half of the mustard oil to this mixture and rub this spice and oil mixture to the mango pieces. Mix thoroughly.

6. Put this into an earthenware jar and pour the remaining mustard oil. Cover the jar with a muslin cloth and keep it in the sun for 5-6 days.

7. Make sure you stir the contents of the jar for the first two weeks at least once a day. This is to ensure that the mango pieces are always in contact with the oil.

Note: In most of the Pakistani pickles, salt and oil are used as preservatives.