500g Chocolate Chip Cookies
250g Butter melted
500g Full Fat Philadelphia or any full fat cheese (2 large packs)
4-6 tablespoon Icing Sugar adjust to taste
1 Can Mango Slices
Cup Flaked Almonds
200-300g Chocolate - melted
1. Crush the chocolate chip cookies by either breaking with a rolling pin in a zip lock bag or blitz in a grinder
2. In a dish combine the crushed cookies and melted butter and mix well - we are after a sand type consistency
3. Place in the serving dish and press down to even the surface
4. Place in fridge for 1 hour or 10-20 minutes in the freezer
5. In a bowl add cheese and icing sugar and whip till soft and combined
6. Drain the mango slices and chop up
7. Add a layer of chopped mango on top of the biscuit base and even the surface
8. Add the layer of cream cheese and smooth out the top
9. Place in fridge to set for at least 2-4 hours
10. Just before serving remove from fridge, top with chopped mango and flaked almonds
11. Drizzle with melted chocolate
12. Serve immediately