Potato Pan Cakes are Delicious cake saltish and little spicy


Grated Potato 2 Cups
Chopped Onion One Normal Size
Chopped Green Chilli 4
Chinese Herb (Any one) Half Tea Sp
Salt To Taste
Red Chilli Powder 1 Tea Sp
Black Pepper Powder Half Tea Sp
Egg 2
Cooking Oil For Shallow Frying

Wash Grated potato with cold water and Squeez all water. keep aside
In a bowl put both eggs. beat and add chopped green chilli, chinese herb, red chilli powder, black pepper , mix all of them well. then add grated potato , salt and onion in this better.
Heat up the frying pan with oil to shallow fry. fry one table spoon mixture as pan cake for one minute one side. then three minute other side. then fry one minute side to trun it golden. fry all the cakes at once. dont let the better aside. Use all the better. Serve with Tomato Ketchup.