Whole Chicken 1 BBQ CUT laga hua
Imli paste

Two Tb Sp
lemon juice or sirka 2 tea sp
salt half tea sp
red chilli powder 2 tea sp
black salt half tea sp
shan chicken tikka masala Half packete for one and half kg chicken
oil one forth cup
ginger garlic paste one tea sp

apply salt and imli paste on chicken then leave for five min
in a bowl add all other ingredients with oil and apply on chicken. leave for marination for minimum 4 hours or whole night. cook in air tight pan after pouring one forth cup of water in pan on a pre heated tawa.
cook it in air tight with light flame for almost one and half hour. spicy taste chicken roast is ready. dry remaining water on flame and if you are willing then koila ka dhuaan de sakte hain, sere with raita, naan and salad.