Mutton Half Kg
Oil Half Cup
Onion Chopped One Normal Size
Garlic Chopped One Full
Tomato Big Size (cut into small pieces) Two
Green Chili Whole (small size) 10
Whole Red Chili 10
Coriander Seeds Half Tea SP
Black Pepper Powder Half Tea Sp
Crushed Red Chilli 1/4 Tea Sp
Salt To Taste
Bay Leaves 2 Normal Size


Crushed Red Chilli and Coriander Seeds must be fry on tawa without oil for one min.

First of all cook mutton with salt to tender and dry water in the mutton after cooking. Heat up the tawa. put oil in tawa and add mutton. fry for two min, after that add chopped onion cook for two more min, then add bay leaves, and all other spices and fry for two minutes, add tomato and cover to tender. when tomato gets tender. add whole green chilli. cover the tawa and leave for one min. after that mix all the ingredients very well and serve with Nan and Raita.

Tawa Mutton is Ready