Sheer Maal Recipe


Flour 1/2 Kg
Milk Half Ltr
Milk Powder 1 Cup
Salt 1 tsp
Ghee 1 Cup
Sugar 2tsp


Melt Sugar in Luke Warm water and set aside.
Add add all other ingredients. Kneed flour and other mixed ingredients with the help of sweetend luke warm water . Then leave this kneed flour for 15 min.
Then in a backing tray put the kneed flour in sheer maal form and mark the sheer maal with sheer maal cuts.
In a preheated oven on 250 degree celcious and bake that sheer maal for 7-10 min.

For cooking sheer maal on stove. Put sheer maal in pan and cover the lid for 2-3 min then apply water on other side and turn the side change and cook for more 2-3 min on flame. Then apply ghee on front surface of sheer maal. Serve hot with Qorma or Halwa or any thing.