1st Step
2 Apple cubes ( Saib ke chote chokor Tukre)
6 Banana Slices (Kela Kata Hua
4 Dates Thin Slices (Khajoor Slices)
1 Cup Grape (Angoor)
1/2 Cup Pomigranate (anaar ke daane)
1/2 Cup Boiled Chickpea (Desi Safaid Chana)
2 Tb Sp Raisin (Kishmish)
1/2 Cup Mix Fruit Tin Pak If Available

2nd Step
1/2 Cup Cream (Balaai)
1/4 Cup Sweet Yogurt ( Dahi)
1/4 Cup Mayonese
1/2 Tea Sp Dry Roasted Crushed Cumin (Safaid Zeera)
1/4 Tea Sp Chaat Masala
A Pinch Black Salt
A Pinch Black pepper
2Tb Sp Sugar

Prepration Mix well all the Step 2 ingredients in a bowl. Then mix all the step 1 ingredients. After that in a Serving bowl mix both ingredients well. Garnish with fruits and serve cold.