Ingredients For 4 ppl

Chicken stock 4 cup
Chicken boiled sherrederd 4 tb sp
Corn Flour 4tb sp in mixed half cup of water
Egg beated 1
Soya Sauce 2tb sp
Chilli Sauce 2tb sp
Vinegar 1tb sp
White pepper powder 1/2 tea sp
Salt to taste
Green onion 1 cut into thin slices
Carrot 1 small thin julian slices
Cabbage 2tea sp thin julien slices

Sauce for serving
Chilli sauce 1/4 cup
Soya sauce 1/4 cup
Green chilli thin slices dipped in sirka 1/4 cup


In a pan full boil chicken stock and add sgerederd chicken salt white pepper and vagies. Pour sauce as well after that in boiling water add corn flour mixed in water and mix well with wooden or plastic spoon. After 2 min cooking add beated egg and mix well. Cover the pan and turn down the flame to minimum heat. Cook for 5 min then serve hot with sauce.