Ingredients Of Sorsebata Ilish Mach
600 gm hilsa
3 Tbsp mustard oil
2 Tbsp mustard seeds
3 tsp poppy seeds
6 green chillies-slit
4 Tbsp ginger paste
1 tomato diced
1 tsp panch phoron
1 tsp red chilli powder
1 tsp turmeric powder
Salt to taste
How to Make Sorsebata Ilish Mach
1.Marinate the fish with salt and turmeric.
2.Soak mustard and poppy seeds and grind them into a paste.
3.Heat mustard oil in a pan and splutter panch phoron.
4.Add ginger paste and mustard-poppy paste and saute.
5.Now add turmeric and red chilli powder.
6.Add the marinated fish with green chillies and salt.
7.Add the tomatoes. Mix well and cook on a slow flame.
8.Once done, serve with steamed rice.