Goan Fish Curry


6-7 medium sized pomfret fish (cleaned, washed, pat dried, halved or whole)
10 red chillies
2 tablespoons coconut powder or fresh ground coconut
4 cloves garlic
1 inch fresh ginger piece
1 teaspoon peppercorns whole
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon (or less) turmeric
cup tamarind, use less if you think it will make the curry too sour
Salt to taste
3 pinches of sugar
1 onion
5 small green chillies slit in the middle
3 tomatoes
Fresh coriander
4 tablespoons oil, olive oil preferably for the curry
3 tablespoons of oil for frying fish
2.5 tablespoons vinegar


In a bowl (that can accommodate seven pomfrets), mix salt to your taste with vinegar (and half teaspoon turmeric optionally).

Toss in the fish to marinate. Keep aside for two hours. Blend or grind the red chillies, coconut powder, garlic, ginger, turmeric, peppercorns, salt (to your taste), and cumin together to a fine paste. This is your curry powder.

Soak the tamarind in water for two hours, then remove the seeds, and squeeze the juice out of the tamarind and keep it ready for use. Slice onion and tomatoes and slit green chillies in the middle.

Soak coriander in water and rinse a few times until it is clean, and then chop and keep aside.

Remove fish from bowl, take a pan, and heat oil, and fry fish lightly, and not fully. Keep aside.

In a pot, put three tablespoons of oil and let it heat. When sufficiently hot, throw in the sliced onions, and brown them. Move the onions to the side of the pot, and put another tablespoon of oil in the centre of the pot and put the ground masala into it and let it fry for a few minutes.

Add the tamarind water and pinches of sugar, and stir until somewhat dry. Throw the sliced tomatoes next and fry for a few minutes. You will notice the tomatoes oozing out water, and soon you will have a somewhat thick curry that you have to bring to a boil.

You could add some water if you wish and stir. Now, as the curry is boiling, throw in the lightly fried fish, and let it cook for eight minutes. Put a lid on the pot during this time. Throw in the slit green chillies, and let it cook for two minutes. Finally, throw in the coriander and turn the stove off. Now have your boiled rice or fresh chapatis ready, and enjoy your curry!