There are alot of recipes for rass malaiee. I am sharing here my favourite and most convenient recipe. At the End of recipe you can view a few tips related to rass malaiee as well.


For Rass Malaiee

1&1/2Liter fresh milk
Lemon juice or Vinegar 2 tb sp
Cardamom (ilaaichi powder) Couple Of Pinch

Boil the milk and let cook on very slow flame keep mixing with spoon and start adding lemon juice or vinegar to curdle the milk. Keep adding and mixing vinegar till milk curdled. Now pour that curdled milk in a white lawn cloth & hang it to soak water.
Add ilaaichi powder Make little rass malaiee balls and add in hot milk.

Rass Malaiee Milk

Fresh Milk 1 liter
Milk powder 1/2 Cup and mix them well.
Sugar 1/2 Cup add more if you like sweeten more. Add 2 Pinch of ilaaichee powder & cook well. Turn the flame very low & add rass malaiee ballsin that mixture. Cover the pan and leave on slow flame for 5 to 8 minutes. Balls size will be doubled. Uncover the pan abd let it little cool. Dont use spoon. After 15 minutes pour them in a serving bowl and let it cool in freezer for more 15 min then garnish with Almonds & Pistashio. Rass malaiee is ready.
1- Ghar main aksar doodh phatt jata hai. Usko malnal ke kapre main chaan kar uski rass malaiee bhi behtreen taiyaar ki ja sakti hai.
2- Rass malaiee balls doodh naib daal kar chamach se hilana nahi hai.